Maryland Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Maryland Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid waste statutes: Maryland Code Annotated, Environmental (Md. Code Ann., Envir.) 9-101 to 9-1907

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Solid waste management regulations: Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) to

Landfill permits:

Permitted facilities: COMAR

Permit exemptions: COMAR

Municipal landfills: COMAR to, COMAR, and COMAR

Land clearing debris landfills: COMAR, COMAR, COMAR, and COMAR

Rubble landfills: COMAR to, COMAR, and COMAR

Industrial waste landfills: COMAR and COMAR to

Sewage sludge: COMAR to

Definitions: COMAR

Permit: COMAR

Standards for other solid waste facilities:

Processing facilities: COMAR

Transfer stations: COMAR

Incinerators: COMAR

Natural wood waste recycling facilities: COMAR to

Scrap tire regulation: COMAR to

Definitions: COMAR

Scrap tire license: COMAR

License application: COMAR

Financial assurance: COMAR

Management of coal combustion by-products: COMAR to

Applicability and definitions: COMAR and COMAR

Prohibitions: COMAR and COMAR

Disposal: COMAR

Storage: COMAR

Transportation: COMAR

Reports and recordkeeping:

Annual reports for sanitary landfills: COMAR, COMAR, and COMAR

Sewage sludge generator report: COMAR

Coal combustion by-products annual report and ...

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