Minnesota Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Minnesota Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid (nonhazardous) waste law and rules: Waste Management Act, Minnesota Environmental Protection Act, 9 Minnesota Statutes Annotated (MSA) 115A; County Solid Waste Management Act of 1971, MSA 400.01 to 400.17, MSA 116.03, and regulations at Minnesota Rules (MR) 7035.0300 to 7035.6000, MR 7001.0010 to 7001.0200, MR 7001.3000 to 7001.3550, MR 7002.0410 to 7002.0490, MR 9210, MR 9215, and MR 9220

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Solid waste permit requirements: MR 7001.0010 to 7001.0200, MR 7001.3000 to 7001.3550, and MR 7002.0410 to 7002.0490

Definitions: MR 7035.0300

Storage at individual properties: MR 7035.0700

Prohibited wastes: MR 7035.2535 and MSA 115A.9565

Solid waste permits:

Permit requirement: MSA 116.03 and MR 7001.3050

Permit application: MR 7001.0050, MR 7001.3075, MR 7001.3175, and MR 7001.3300

Eligible permit-by-rule facilities: MR 7001.3050, Subpart 3

Permit fees: MR 7002.0430

Termination of eligibility for permit-by-rule facilities: MR 7001.3050, Subpart 4

Siting standards: MR 7001.3111

Operating standards:

General facility standards: MR 7035.2525 to 7035.2655

Requirements for specific facilities: MR 7035.1590 to 7035.1900, MR 7035.2500, and MR 7035.2815 to 7035.2915

Financial Responsibility Requirements: MR 7035.2665 to 7035.2805

General Inspection Requirements: MR 7035, Subpart 4

Annual report: MR 7035.2585


Solid waste disposal facility operators or inspectors: MR 7048.0100 to 7048.1300 and MR 7035.2545

Solid waste management facility personnel: MR 7035.2545

Solid waste combustor operators: MR 7011.1201 and MR 7011.1280 to 7011.1284

Solid waste combustor personnel: MR 7011.1275

Waste tires: MR 9220.0100 to 9220.0680

Permit requirement: MR 9220.0230 and MR 9220.0240

Permit applications: MR 9220.0260 to 9220.0430


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