Montana Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Montana Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Montana Solid Waste Management Act, Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 75-10-201 to 75-10-250

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Solid waste management: Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 17.50.101 to 17.50.1405

Solid waste management rules

Applicability of solid waste management rules: MCA 75-10-214, ARM 17.50.410, and ARM 17.50.602

Definitions: MCA 75-10-103, MCA 75-10-203, ARM 17.50.403, ARM 17.50.502, ARM 17.50.802, and ARM 17.50.1002

Annual operating license: ARM 17.50.1113, ARM 17.50.410 to 17.50.416, ARM 17.50.508, ARM 17.50.509, ARM 17.50.513 to 17.50.515, MCA 75-10-916, and MCA 75-10-933

Waste groups: ARM 17.50.503

Disposal facility classifications: ARM 17.50.504 and ARM 17.50.403

Additional standards: ARM 17.50.1001 to 17.50.1312

Landfills: ARM 17.50.1001 to 17.50.1405

Prohibited waste prevention program: ARM 17.50.1403

Closure of Class II and Class IV landfills: ARM 17.50.1403

Closure of Class III landfills: ARM 17.50.1405

Landfill post-closure care: ARM 17.50.1404


Annual reports: ARM 17.50.412(1)

Class II, Class III, and Class IV landfills: ARM 17.50.1112, ARM 17.50.1117, and ARM 17.50.1118

Financial assurance:

Landfills: ARM 17.50.540 and ARM 17.50.1118(1)(d)

Waste tire facilities: MCA 75-10-216 and ARM 17.50.1117


Solid waste management and disposal fee schedule: ARM 17.50.410 and ARM 17.50.415

Tonnage-based disposal fee: ARM 17.50.411

Quarterly fee: ARM 17.50.411, ARM 17.50.412, and ARM 17.50.416

Special Class IV facility fees: ARM 17.50.412(3)

Fees for consolidated facilities: ARM 17.50.416

Cesspool, septic, and privy cleaning businesses: MCA 75-10-1201 to 75-10-1223 and ARM 17.50.801 to 17.50.816

Licenses: ARM 17.50.803 and MCA 75-10-1210

Inspections: ARM 17.50.812

Disposal sites receiving septage: ARM 17.50.809 to 17.50.811

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