Oklahoma Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Oklahoma Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Oklahoma Solid Waste Management Act (SWMA), 27A Oklahoma Statutes Annotated (OSA) 2-10-101 to 2-10-1001

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Oklahoma Used Tire Recycling Act, 27A OSA 2-11-401 to 2-11-401.7

Solid waste regulations: Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 252:515

Restrictions on location of permit boundary: OAC 252:515-5-31 and OAC 252:515-5-51

Restrictions on location of waste management and disposal areas: OAC 252:515-5-32 and OAC 252:515-5-52


Solid waste: 27A OSA 2-10-103

Nonhazardous industrial solid wastes: 27A OSA 2-10-103

Land disposal facility: OAC 252:515-1-2

Solid waste disposal facility permit: OAC 252:515-3-1 to 252:515-3-80

Applicability: OAC 252:515-3-1 to 252:515-3-6

Permit exempt facilities: OAC 252:515-3-2

Permit application: OAC 252:515-3-31 to 252:515-3-42

Prohibitions and limitations:

Prohibited wastes: OAC 252:515-19-31

Limitations on wastes received: OAC 252:515-19-34

Waste exclusion plan: OAC 252:515-3-42 and OAC 252:515-29-1 to 252:515-29-4

Financial assurance: OAC 252:515-27-1 to 252:515-27-85

Applicability: OAC 252:515-27-1

Closure cost estimate: OAC 252:515-27-31

Post-closure cost estimate: OAC 252:515-27-32

Corrective action cost estimate: OAC 252:515-27-33

Determination of cost estimates: OAC 252:515-27-31(c), OAC 252:515-27-32(c), and OAC 252:515-27-52

Adjustments to cost estimates: OAC 252:515-27-31 to 252:515-27-34

Allowable financial mechanisms: OAC 252:515-27-71 to 252:515-27-85

Reports and fee: 27A OSA 2-10-802(B) and OAC 252:515-19-33

Management of nonhazardous industrial wastes (NHIWs): OAC 252:515-31-1 to 252:515-31-4

Applicability of NHIW management rules: OAC 252:515-31-1

Wastestreams affected: OAC 252:515-31-2

NHIW generator requirements: OAC 252:515-31-3

NHIW disposal facility requirements: OAC 252:515-31-4

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