Oregon Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Oregon Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid waste laws and rules: Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 459.005 to 459.995, ORS 459A.005 to 459A.365, and regulations at Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 340-083 to 340-097

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Definitions: OAR 340-093-0030 and ORS 459A.305(3)

Prohibited wastes: OAR 340-093-0040 and ORS 459.247(1)

Permitted wastes: OAR 340-094-0040(11)(a) and OAR 340-095-0020(2)

Permits: OAR 340-093-0050 to 340-093-0115

Operating requirements:

Operations plan: OAR 340-094-0040(11)(b) and OAR 340-095-0020(3)

Records and reports: OAR 340-090-0100, OAR 340-090-0110, OAR 340-095-0020(24), OAR 340-094-0040(13), OAR 340-090-0410, and OAR 340-097-0110(6)

Financial assurance for disposal facilities:

Municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLFs): OAR 340-094-0140 and OAR 340-094-0145

Other land disposal sites: OAR 340-095-0090 and OAR 340-095-0095


Permit fees: OAR 340-097-0001 to 340-097-0120

Compliance fees: OAR 340-097-0120(6)

Disposal fees and notification: OAR 340-097-0120(8)

Special wastes:

Types of special wastes: OAR 340-093-0190

Special waste management plan: OAR 340-094-0040(11)(b)(J) and OAR 340-095-0020(3)(j)

Waste tires: ORS 459.705 to 459.790 and OAR 340-064-0005 to 340-064-0170

Definition of waste tire: OAR 340-064-0010(33)

Waste tire permits: ORS 459.705, OAR 340-064-0015, and OAR 340-064-0055

Financial assurance: ORS 459.730, OAR 340-064-0020, OAR 340-064-0022, OAR 340-064-0025, and OAR 340-064-0063

Waste tire disposal: OAR 340-064-0052 and OAR 340-064-0063(4)

Waste tire reports and recordkeeping: OAR 340-064-0063(7), OAR 340-064-0025(3), and OAR 340-064-0080

Fees: OAR 340-064-0025 and OAR 340-064-0063


Disposal of nonfriable asbestos: OAR 340-248-0290

Regulatory Agency

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Land ...

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