South Carolina Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

South Carolina Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid Waste Policy and Management Act of 1991: South Carolina Code Annotated (S.C. Code Ann.) 44-96-10 to 44-96-470

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Solid Waste Management Regulations: South Carolina Code of Regulations (R.) 61-107.1 to 61-107.279

Solid waste landfills and structural fill areas: R. 61-107.19(I) to (V) and R. 61-107.19 Appendices I to VI

Definitions: R 61-107.14(B) and R. 61-107.6(B)

Full cost disclosure: R. 61-107.2(C)

Yard trash, land-clearing debris, and compost: R. 61-107.4

Solid waste processing facilities: R. 61-107.6

Transfer stations: R. 61-107.7

White goods: R. 61-107.9

Short-term structural fill areas: R. 61-107.19(II)

Class One landfills: R. 61-107.19(III)

General Permit: R. 61-107.19(III)(A)

Reports and records: R. 61-107.19(III)(D)

Class Two landfills: R. 61-107.19(IV)

Permit: R. 61-107.19(IV)(A)

Reports and records: R. 61-107.19(IV)(C.15), R. 61-107.19(IV)(C.16), and R. 61-107.19(IV)(E)

Acceptable wastes for Class Two landfills: R. 61-107.19 Appendix I

Unacceptable wastes for Class Two landfills: R. 61-107.19 Appendix II

Class Three landfills: R. 61-107.19(V)

Permit: R. 61-107.19(V)(A)(258.1), R. 61-107.19(V)(H), and R. 61-107.19(V)(J)

Location: R. 61-107.19(V)(B)(258.10) to (258.18)

Design criteria: R. 61-107.19(V)(D)(258.40)

Operating procedures: R. 61-107.19(V)(C)(258.20 to 258.37)

Records: R. 61-107.19(V)(C)(258.20) and R. 61-107.19(V)(C)(258.29)

Groundwater monitoring: R. 61-107.19(V)(E)(258.50) to (258.58)

Closure and post-closure care: R. 61-107.19(V)(F)(258.60) to (258.61)

Financial responsibility: R. 61-107.19(V)(G) and R. 61-107.19(I)(E)

Personnel training:

Solid waste processing facilities: R. 61-107.6(I)

Solid waste incinerators: R. 61-107.12(I)

Municipal solid waste landfill (MSWLF) operator certification: R. ...

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