Tennessee Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Tennessee Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Tennessee Solid Waste Disposal Act, Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 68-211-101 to 68-211-124; Tennessee Solid Waste Planning and Recovery Act, TCA 68-211-601 to 68-211-608 and TCA 68-211-701 to 68-211-707; Solid Waste Management Act of 1991, TCA 68-211-801 to 68-211-874; Solid Waste Authority Act of 1991, TCA 68-211-901 to 68-211-925; Sanitary Landfill Areas Act, TCA 68-213-101 to 68-213-106; and regulations at Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee (Rule) 0400-11-01 and Rule 0400-11-02

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Classification of solid waste landfills: Rule 0400-11-01-.01(3)

Permitting of solid waste storage, processing, and disposal facilities: Rule 0400-11-01-.02

Permit application: Rule 0400-11-01-.02(3), Rule 0400-11-01-.02(4), Rule 0400-11-01-.04, and Rule 0400-11-01-.11

Permit terms: Rule 0400-11-01-.02(5) and Rule 0400-11-01-.02(6)

Operating requirements for disposal facilities: Rule 0400-11-01-.04

Financial assurance:

Overview: TCA 68-211-116, Rule 0400-11-01-.02, Rule 0400-11-01-.03, and Rule 0400-11-01-.11

Processing and compost facilities: Rule 0400-11-01-.02(2)(a)1.(xxiii) and Rule 0400-11-01-.11(2)(p)

Disposal facilities: Rule 0400-11-01-.03


Application fees: Rule 0400-11-01-.07(2)

Annual fees: Rule 0400-11-01-.07(3)

Inspection fee: Rule 0400-11-01-.07(5)

Permit-by-rule: Rule 0400-11-01-.02(2)(b) and Rule 0400-11-01-.07

Special wastes: Rule 0400-11-01-.01

Personnel training: Rule 0400-11-01-.12

Certification: Rule 0400-11-01-.12(1)

Training and examination: Rule 0400-11-01-.12(1)(c)

Hazardous Waste: Rule 0400-11-01-.04(2)(s)(4)

Regulatory Agency

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Solid Waste Management Program


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