Utah Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Utah Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid waste laws: Utah Solid and Hazardous Waste Act (SHWA), Utah Code Annotated (UCA) 19-6-101 to 19-6-123; Utah Solid Waste Management Act, UCA 19-6-501 to 19-6-506; Utah Waste Tire Recycling Act, UCA 19-6-801 to 19-6-824

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Solid waste regulations: Utah Administrative Rules (R) 315-301 to 315-320

Definitions: R315-301-2

General facility requirements: R315-301-3 to 315-302-2

Plan of operation: R315-302-2(2)

Recordkeeping: R315-302-2(3)

Reporting: R315-302-2(4)

Inspections: R315-302-2(5)

Closure and post-closure:

Closure plan: R315-302-3(1) to 315-302-3(3)

Closure procedures: R315-302-3(4)

Post-closure care: R315-302-3(5) to 315-302-3(7)

Recording with the county: R315-302-2(6)

Groundwater monitoring and corrective action: R315-308

Financial assurance:

Applicability: R315-309-1, R315-309-2, and R315-312-2

Financial assurance mechanisms: R315-309-3 to 315-309-11

Fees: R315-310-2(5) and UCA 19-6-119

Solid waste facility permits:

Applicability: R315-310-1 and R315-301-5(1)

Permit applications: R315-310-2

Permit transfers: R315-310-11

Permit drafts and public comment: R315-311-1 to 315-311-3

Permit modification, renewal, or termination: R315-311-2

Permits-by-rule: R315-318-1 and R315-318-2

Landfill facilities:

Definitions: R315-301-2, R315-305-3, and R315-310-1(4)

Location standards for disposal facilities: R315-302-1

General landfill standards: R315-303-1 to 315-303-4

Specific landfill standards: R315-304 and R315-305

Other solid waste facilities:

Small and large incinerators: R315-306-1 to 315-306-3

Transfer stations and drop boxes: R315-313-1 to 315-313-3

Piles used for storage or treatment: R315-314-1 to 315-314-3

Waste tires:

Storage facilities: R315-314-1 to 315-314-3

Waste tire transporters and recyclers: R315-320-1 to 315-320-7

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