West Virginia Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

West Virginia Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid waste management laws and regulations: Solid Waste Management Act, West Virginia Code (WV Code) 22-15-1 to 22-15-22; Solid Waste Landfill Closure Assistance Program, WV Code 22-16-1 to 22-16-18; and regulations at West Virginia Regulations (WV Reg.) 33-1 to 33-9, WV Reg. 33-40, and WV Reg. 110-6A

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Performance standards for facilities that are not landfills: WV Reg. 33-1-5

Definitions: WV Reg. 33-1-2

Classes of solid waste facilities: WV Reg. 33-1-2.22 to 33-1-2.28

Permits: WV Reg. 33-1-3


Permit application fee: WV Reg. 33-1-3 and WV Reg. 33-1 Appendix IV

Renewal, modification and transfer fee: WV Reg. 33-1-3.6.b

Annual water pollution control permit fee: WV Reg. 110-6A-7, WV Reg. 110-6A-8, and WV Reg. 47-26-7.5

Solid waste assessment fee: WV Reg. 110-6A-3, WV Reg. 110-6A-4, and WV Reg. 110-6A-6

Records and reports: WV Reg. 33-1-4.12, WV Reg. 33-7-2, WV Reg. 110-6A-7, and WV Reg. 110-6A-8

Financial assurance: WV Reg. 33-1-3.13

Solid waste landfills:

Definition and performance standards: WV Reg. 33-1-2.63 and WV Reg. 33-1-4

Acceptable wastes: WV Reg. 33-1-4.7.a

Unacceptable wastes: WV Reg. 33-1-4.7.b, WV Reg. 33-12-3.1, and WV Reg. 33-4-3

Waste acceptable under certain conditions: WV Reg. 33-1-4.7.c

Special wastes: WV Reg. 33-1-4.13

Waste tires:

Overview: WV Reg. 33-5-1 to 33-5-3

Disposal: WV Reg. 33-5-3.1.e

Permits: WV Reg. 33-5-3

Permit exceptions: WV Reg. 33-5-3.1 and WV Reg. 33-5-2.3

Tire dealers: WV Reg. 33-5-3.11

Records and reports: WV Reg. 33-5-3.8, WV Reg. 33-5-3.11, and WV Reg. 33-5-3.12

Regulatory Agencies

West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of Water and Waste Management Solid Waste Program

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 3


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