Connecticut Used Oil Management regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Connecticut Used Oil Management: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Used oil rules: 22a-449(c)-119 Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA)

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Used oil: 22a-449(c)-100(c)(35) RCSA

Used oil fuel: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(P) RCSA

Classification of used oil:

Mixtures of used oil: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(D) RCSA

Specification used oil: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(G) RCSA

Rebuttable presumption: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(B) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(L) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(BB) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(RR) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(KKK) RCSA, and 22a-449(c)-119(b)(1)(B) RCSA

General standards:

Used oil as a dust suppressant: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(1)(B) RCSA

Response to releases: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(N) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(FF) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(NN) RCSA, and 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(PPP) RCSA

Knowledge of process: 22a-449(c)-119(b)(1)(A)(ii) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(AA) RCSA, 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(QQ) RCSA, and 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(JJJ) RCSA

Permitting of waste oil facilities: Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) 22a-454

Generator standards:

Conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQGs): 22a-449(c)-119(a)(1)(A) RCSA

Oil-fired space heaters: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(P) RCSA

Determining halogen content: 22a-449(c)-119(b) RCSA

Standards for collection centers: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(A) and 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(R) RCSA

Transporter and transfer facility standards:

EPA ID number for transporters and transfer facilities: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(U) RCSA

Transferring used oil between vehicles: 22a-449(c)-119(c) RCSA

On-site storage for transfer facilities: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(A) and 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(DD) RCSA

Transporters reporting spills: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(W) RCSA

Processor/rerefiner standards:

EPA ID number for processors/rerefiners: 22a-449(c)-119(a)(2)(GG) RCSA

Processor/rerefiner analysis and records:

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