Pennsylvania Used Oil Management regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Pennsylvania Used Oil Management: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Waste oil management standards: 25 Pennsylvania Code (Pa. Code) 287.1 and 25 Pa. Code 298.1 to 298.75

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Residual wastes: 25 Pa. Code 287.1 to 287.652

Definition and applicability:

Waste oil: 25 Pa. Code 287.1, 25 Pa. Code 287.2, and 25 Pa. Code 298.2

Classification of waste oil:

Specification waste oil: 25 Pa. Code 298.11 and 25 Pa. Code 298.10(b)(1)(ii)

Btu per pound standard: 25 Pa. Code 298.11

Hazardous waste mixtures: 25 Pa. Code 298.10(b)(2)

Wastewater: 25 Pa. Code 298.10(d)

General standards:

Container and tank management general standards: 25 Pa. Code 298.22, 25 Pa. Code 298.45, 25 Pa. Code 298.54, and 25 Pa. Code 298.64

Labeling standards: 25 Pa. Code 298.22(c), 25 Pa. Code 298.45(g), 25 Pa. Code 298.54(e), and 25 Pa. Code 298.64(e)

Preparedness, prevention, and contingency plans: 25 Pa. Code 298.22(c), 25 Pa. Code 298.45(j), and 25 Pa. Code 298.64(e)

Generator standards:

Generator permit-by-rule: 25 Pa. Code 298.20(b)(3)

Hazardous waste mixing: 25 Pa. Code 298.21(c)

Certification to waste oil collection centers: 25 Pa. Code 298.24(1)(iv)

Aggregation points: 25 Pa. Code 298.31(b)

Recordkeeping, plans, and reports: 25 Pa. Code 298.20(c), 25 Pa. Code 298.26, 25 Pa. Code 298.25, 25 Pa. Code 287.51(c), and 25 Pa. Code 298.22(g)

Standards for collection centers: 25 Pa. Code 298.30(b)

Transporter and transfer facility standards:

Definition: 25 Pa. Code 298.1

Total halogen determination for transporters and transfer facilities: 25 Pa. Code 298.44(a)

Flash point screening for transporters and transfer facilities: 25 Pa. Code 298.44(d)

Permits for transfer facilities: 25 Pa. Code 298.45

Vehicle signage: 25 Pa. Code 298.48

Processors/rerefiner standards:

Permits: 25 Pa. Code 298.50(c)

Total halogen determination for ...

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