Utah Used Oil Management regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Utah Used Oil Management: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Used oil management statutes and rules: Used Oil Management Act, Utah Code Annotated (UCA) 19-6-701 to 19-6-723, Utah Administrative Rules (R) 315-15-1 to 315-15-16

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Used oil filters: UCA 19-6-706(2)


General requirements: R315-15-13 and R315-15-15

Requirements for do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) used oil collection centers: R315-15-13.1

Requirements for generator used oil collection centers: R315-15-13.2

Requirements for used oil aggregation points: R315-15-13.3

Requirements for used oil marketers: R315-15-13.7

Conditional registration exemption: R315-15-13.6

Permit requirements:

General requirements: R315-15-13 and R315-15-15

Transporters and transfer facilities: R315-15-13.4(b)

Generators transporting their own used oil: R315-15-13.4

Processors/rerefiners: R315-15-13.5(b)

Off-specification used oil burners: R315-15-13.6(b)

Certificate: R315-15-13.8

Financial liability requirements: R315-15-10

Financial assurance:

Cleanup and closure cost estimate: R315-15-11.1 and R315-15-12

Financial assurance mechanisms: R315-15-12.3

Used oil handler requirements:

Inspections: R315-15-1.1

Generators: R315-15-2

Generator collection centers: R315-15-3

Processors/rerefiners: R315-15-5

Burners: R315-15-6

Marketers: R315-15-1.8 and R315-15-7.7

Annual reports:

General report content for transporters/transfer facilities: R315-15-13.4(d)

Content for processors/rerefiners: R315-15-13.5(d)

Off-specification used oil burners: R315-15-13.6(b)(6)

Emergency response requirements:

Immediate requirements: R315-15-9.1 and R315-15-9.2

Release cleanup: R315-15-9.3

Emergency follow-up report: R315-15-9.4

Cleanup and closure requirements: R315-15-11

Cleanup and closure plan: R315-15-11.2(b)

Plan implementation: R315-15-11.3

Closure certification: R315-15-11.4

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