Michigan Groundwater regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Michigan Groundwater: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, Water Resource Protection, Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) 324.3101 et seq.

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Groundwater permits: MCL 324.3112 and Michigan Administrative Code (MAC) r. 323.2106

General permits: MAC r. 323.2215

Permit by rule: MAC r. 323.2211

Exceptions: MAC r. 323.2210

Application process: MAC r. 323.2208

Review process: MCL 324.3122

Annual fees: MCL 324.3122, MAC r. 323.2218, MAC r. 323.2210(y), MAC r. 323.2215, MAC r. 323.2216, MAC r. 323.2211, and MAC r. 323.2213

Hazardous waste facilities: MAC r. 299.9612

Monitoring requirements: MAC r. 299.9612

Waivers: MAC r. 299.9611 (3)

Wells: MAC r. 325.1622

Drillers and installers: MAC r. 325.1701 to r. 325.1711

Regulatory Agencies

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Water Bureau Permits Section Groundwater Permits Unit

Local health departments

See ADDRESSES & CONTACTS for addresses and telephone numbers.

See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. Michigan requires a groundwater permit for any discharge of pollutants into groundwater. For information concerning the regulation of discharges of pollutants to surface waters of the state, see the state section NPDES PERMIT.

The state has adopted the federal groundwater monitoring regulations; however, the state has established some additional monitoring rules for hazardous waste facilities. Unlike the federal rules, DEQ requires groundwater monitoring for all hazardous waste sites, including containers and tanks, unless they are inside a building.

Administration and enforcement. DEQ administers and enforces the groundwater monitoring rules in Michigan. Local health departments may be ...

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