California Death in Family laws & HR compliance analysis

California Death in Family: What you need to know

California law does not require bereavement time off for employees working in the private sector; however, most employers do offer workers some form of time off for bereavement after the death of a loved one.
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State employees. State employees may take 3 days of bereavement leave with pay upon the death of a person related by blood, adoption, or marriage, or any person residing in the employee's immediate household at the time of death. The employee must give advance notice to his or her immediate supervisor and must provide substantiation.
If the death occurred outside the state, the employee may be granted, upon request, 2 additional days of bereavement leave, which the employee can choose to take as unpaid leave or charge against accrued sick leave. If additional time is needed, the employee may use accrued vacation, compensating time, or days without pay if authorized (CA Gov. Code Sec. 19859.3).
Employee assistance programs (EAPs). Employers that have an EAP may consider offering bereaved employees the opportunity to see a grief counselor through the EAP.
Last reviewed on December 08, 2016.

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