Nebraska Jury Duty/ Court Appearance laws & HR compliance analysis

Nebraska Jury Duty/ Court Appearance: What you need to know

Jury duty. Under Nebraska law, employers may not discharge or otherwise penalize employees who are called for jury duty (NE Rev. Stat. Sec. 25-1640).
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Private employers—jury duty. Private employers must grant paid time off to any employee who is summoned to serve on jury duty as long as the employee has given reasonable notice to his or her employer of the summons.
An employee is excused from any shiftwork for those days required to serve as a juror (NE Rev. Stat. Sec. 25-1640).
An employee serving on jury duty is not subject to a loss of sick leave, loss of vacation time, or any other penalty on account of absence to serve as a juror. An employer may, however, reduce the employee's pay by the amount equal to any compensation, other than expenses, paid by the court for jury duty.
Private employers—court appearance. A witness to or victim of a crime has the right to request the state's Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice to intercede on his or her behalf with employers to ensure their cooperation in minimizing the employee's loss of pay and other benefits resulting from court appearances (NE Rev. Stat. Sec. 81-1423, Sec. 81-1848).
State employees—jury duty. State employees are entitled to paid leave, as well as jury duty pay (NE Admin. Code Tit. 273 Ch. 10 Sec. 010.01).
State employees—court appearance. When a state employee appears in court as a function of his or her job, the employee receives his or her regular pay, and all witness fees must be turned over to the state (NE Admin. Code Tit. 273 Ch. 10 Sec. 010.04).
If the employee is a party to the action or the court appearance is unrelated to work, the employee may use vacation time or compensatory time. If the employee has no ...

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