Florida Child Labor laws & HR compliance analysis

Florida Child Labor: What you need to know

In Florida, people who have not reached the age of 18 are considered minors for purposes of employment. Florida law restricts the occupations in which minors may be employed and the number of hours and times they may work. Further distinctions are made among minors according to age, with special rules and exceptions in some groups (FL Stat. Sec. 450.001et seq.; FL Admin. Code Sec. 38H-14.002et seq.). Given the complexity of the Florida child labor law and the extensiveness of occupations deemed hazardous, employers should consult the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation if they plan to employ minors in occupations or during hours that are uncommon or unusual.
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Both federal and state laws apply to child labor. If there is a conflict, the more protective standard applies. Both the state and federal child labor laws are very strictly enforced. There is additional information and a comprehensive discussion of the federal child labor laws.
Individuals under the age of 21 may not be employed by any sort of race track except as jockeys, jockey apprentices, exercise persons, and grooms.
Minors under the age of 18 may not be employed in any occupation deemed to be hazardous by the director of labor, employment, and training. These include, but are not limited to:
• Working on scaffolding
• Working in mining
• Working in slaughtering, meat packing, or processing
• Operating power-driven woodworking, hoisting, metal-forming, punching, or shearing machines
• Operating bakery, paper-making, or printing machines
• Working anywhere near explosives, radioactivity, toxic substances, corrosives, and, under some circumstances, ...

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