South Dakota Child Labor laws & HR compliance analysis

South Dakota Child Labor: What you need to know

In South Dakota, workers under the age of 16 are considered minors for the purposes of employment. The state law further distinguishes among these minors according to age, type of occupation, and hours of work (SD Cod. Laws Sec. 60-12-1. In most cases, both federal and state laws apply to child labor--and if there is a conflict, the stricter law applies. Many of the federal child labor laws are more restrictive than those of South Dakota, particularly in the area of prohibited occupations.
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Minors under 16. Children under the age of 16 may not work in jobs that are dangerous to life, health, or morals. It is permissible to employ children over the age of 14 to dispense gasoline and oil at gas stations.
Minors under 14. A child must be at least 14 years old to work in a mine or factory. A child must also be at least 14 years old to dispense gasoline, diesel fuel, or oil at a filling station.
Minors under 16. Children under the age of 16 may not work more than 4 hours per day or 20 hours per week when school is in session. They may work up to 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week when school is not in session. Children under the age of 16 may not work after 10 p.m. on any day that precedes a school day. There is no limit on the hours children may work in the roguing or detasseling of hybrid seed corn on nonschool days.
Minors under 14. Children under the age of 14 may not work in any factory, workshop, or mine. They may not work after 7 p.m. or when school is in session in any mercantile establishment. South Dakota has no minimum working age for children engaged in most nonhazardous employment.
Children may work for their parents at any age, and children of any age ...

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