Arkansas Deductions from Pay laws & HR compliance analysis

Arkansas Deductions from Pay: What you need to know

There are few restrictions in Arkansas on deductions from an employee's paycheck. However, employers are required to withhold amounts for state and federal employment taxes. There is detailed information on deductions for taxes.
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Under Arkansas law, employers may take an allowance for the reasonable value of board, lodging, apparel, or other items and services provided to the employee for the employee's benefit (AR Stat. Sec. 11-4-213). The allowance may not exceed 30 cents per hour. If this allowance reduces an employee's hourly rate below the minimum wage, the employer may be in violation of both state and federal minimum wage laws. If an employee claims the value of the board, lodging, apparel, or other items and services had a reasonable value of less than 30 cents per hour during any work week, the director of the Department of Labor may require the employee to prove the value received was less than the amount deducted by the employer.
An employer is not required to honor an assignment of future wages to secure a loan of less than $200 unless the employer agrees to the assignment in writing and the assignment is filed with the recorder of the county where the assigner resides if a resident of Arkansas or in the state where he or she is employed (AR Stat. Sec. 11-4-101). In addition, no assignment of or order for wages may be valid when made by a married man, unless the employee's wife gives her express written consent to the assignment of wages. There are more details on state Garnishment.
Employers must withhold amounts for child support and/or other amounts required pursuant to a garnishment order ...

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