Hawaii Deductions from Pay laws & HR compliance analysis

Hawaii Deductions from Pay: What you need to know

Under Hawaii law, employers may make deductions from an employee's wages only if such deductions are required by law or authorized in writing by the employee (HI Rev. Stat. Sec. 388-6). Permitted deductions include those that are:
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• Required by federal or state statute
• Required by court order
• Authorized in writing by the employee and not otherwise prohibited under state or federal law
Each payday, the employer must give each employee a statement showing total hours worked, overtime hours, straight-time and overtime compensation, other compensation, gross wages, itemized deductions, net pay, date of payment, and pay period covered (HI Rev. Stat. Sec. 388-7). The employer must retain copies of such statements for at least 6 years.
Under Hawaii law, certain deductions are prohibited regardless of whether the employee gives written authorization for the deduction (HI Rev. Stat. Sec. 388-6).
Employers may not make deductions from an employee's wages or obtain authorization to make such deductions for the following reasons:
• Fines
• Cash shortages in tills, cash boxes, or registers (unless cash was under the sole control of the employee and the employee had opportunity to account at the start and end of shift)
• Fines, penalties, or replacement costs for breakage
• Losses for bad checks accepted by the employee if the employee has authorization to accept or reject checks
• Losses due to defective or faulty workmanship, lost or stolen property, damage to property, or customer nonpayment, unless the loss is attributable to the employee's willful or intentional disregard for the employer's interest
Employers may not deduct or ...

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