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North Dakota Deductions from Pay: What you need to know

Except for those amounts that are required under state or federal law to be withheld from employee compensation or where a court has ordered the employer to withhold compensation, an employer may only withhold from the compensation due employees (ND Cent. Code Sec. 34-14-04.1):
• Advances paid to employees, other than undocumented cash.
• A recurring deduction authorized in writing.
• A nonrecurring deduction authorized in writing, when the source of the deduction is cited specifically.
• A nonrecurring deduction for damage, breakage, shortage, or negligence must be authorized by the employee at the time of the deduction.
Board, lodging, and other facilities. The reasonable cost of board, lodging, and other facilities customarily furnished by the employer may be deducted from wages, up to $18 per day, as long as there is a written agreement and the employee voluntarily accepts the facilities. However, this deduction is limited if it reduces the employee's earnings below the minimum wage (ND Admin. Code Sec. 46-02-07-02).
Support orders. An employer may deduct a certain amount per month from an employee's paycheck to cover its administrative costs for withholding child support from the employee's wages pursuant to a court order (ND Cent. Code Sec. 14-09-09.6).
Medical examinations and records. Employers may not require employees or applicants to pay the cost of required medical examinations or of furnishing required medical records (ND Cent. Code Sec. 34-01-15).
Wage assignments. Wage assignment differs from garnishment in that assignment is voluntary, and garnishment is involuntary. There is more information on garnishment laws. North Dakota prohibits many types of wage assignments. For ...

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