Pennsylvania Garnishment laws & HR compliance analysis

Pennsylvania Garnishment: What you need to know

A garnishment is an order of a court to an employer to withhold a sum of money from an employee's earnings for payment of a debt. There are federal and state laws governing garnishment. Where state law is more restrictive than federal law (i.e., by protecting a greater amount of salary from garnishment), then state law will apply. The Pennsylvania law regarding garnishments for support are found in PA Stat. Tit. 23 Sec. 4324, PA Stat. Tit. 23 Sec. 4326, and PA Stat. Tit. 23 Sec. 4348. The law governing garnishments for other debts is found in PA Stat. Tit. 42 Sec. 8127.
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Child support. The employer receives a notice for attachment of wages, indicating:
• The amount to be attached
• That the attachment shall be implemented as soon as possible and no later than 14 days from the issuance of the notice to the employer
• That the attachment payment must be sent to the domestic relations section or disbursement unit, as appropriate, within 7 business days of the date the employee is paid
• That the attachment order is binding upon the employer until further notice
• That the employer may combine attachment payments into a single payment to the domestic relations section and separately identify the portions attributable to each employee
• That the employer must notify the domestic relations section when the employee terminates employment and provides his or her last known address and the new employer's name and address, if known
• The maximum amount of the attachment
• That an employer who willfully fails to comply with the order of attachment may be in contempt and face jail time or fines; the employer will be liable for any amount the employer willfully fails to withhold and any amount that ...

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