Kentucky Hours of Work laws & HR compliance analysis

Kentucky Hours of Work: What you need to know

Employers must pay employees overtime of 1 1 / 2 times an employee's hourly rate for any hours worked over 40 (KY Rev. Stat. Sec. 337.285). Kentucky does not define full- or part-time employment. Employers may define the terms themselves. In addition, there is no limitation on the number of hours employers can require employees to work in a day.
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Drivers. A motor carrier must not require or permit any driver or chauffeur operating a motor vehicle to remain on duty for longer than 12 hours, and after 12 hours the driver must have at least 8 hours off duty.
A motor carrier shall not require or permit any driver or chauffeur to remain on duty for longer than 16 hours in any 24-hour period, and after 16 hours the driver must have at least 10 hours off duty.
The period of release from duty must be at places and under circumstances that allow rest and relaxation from the strain of the job's duties. A period off duty shall not be deemed to break the continuity of service unless it is for at least 3 consecutive hours.
In the case of an unforeseen emergency, the driver may complete an assigned trip even if it is longer than the rules outlined above, if the driver could reasonably have completed the assigned trip within the allowable time frame had there been no emergency. Employers are advised to check the other special rules that apply to drivers (KY Rev. Stat. Sec. 281.730).
Public works. Employees on public works projects may not work more than 8 hours a day, or 40 hours a week, except in an emergency. Laborers who work in excess of these restrictions are entitled to time-and-a-half for each hour of overtime worked.
If there is a collective bargaining agreement or the employee and ...

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