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Texas Minimum Wage: What you need to know

You can find your state and local minimum wage rates and tip credit laws in the Minimum Wage Chart.
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Several occupations and industries are exempt from the minimum wage provisions of the Texas law (TX Labor Code Sec. 62.153 et seq.). These include:
• Employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
• Agricultural piece-rate workers (minimum wage determined by the commissioner of agriculture)
• Employees providing domestic service, including babysitters and other caregivers
• Minors under the age of 18 who are not graduates of high school or vocational training programs, and students under the age of 20 in nonagricultural work
• Prison inmates
• Volunteers
• Employees of seasonal amusement parks and similar recreational establishments
• Vocational rehabilitation clients who have disabilities, are under the age of 22, and are participating in a cooperative school-work program
• Employees engaged in dairying and the production of livestock
• Members of employer’s immediate family
• Certain married couples employed as substitute parents for institutionalized children
• Employees of the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts
• Employees of nonprofit seasonal camps or retreats
• Clients and patients of the state Department of Mental Health and Retardation working in the department’s institution as part of their therapy or being trained in a sheltered workshop operated by the department
• Bona fide administrative, executive, outside sales personnel, and professional employees
There is additional information about these occupations..
In computing the wage paid to an employee, an employer may include the reasonable cost to the employer of furnishing meals, lodging, ...

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