Ohio Overtime laws & HR compliance analysis

Ohio Overtime: What you need to know

Under Ohio's overtime law, as under the federal law, an employer must pay each employee overtime in the amount of 11/2 times the employee's regular rate for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek (OH Rev. Code Sec. 4111.03).
State and county employees. State and county employees may elect to take compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay. Time taken must be approved by an administrative supervisor and must occur during a mutually agreed on time within 180 days of accruing the overtime. Compensatory time should be calculated on a time-and-one-half basis. For example, an employee who works 2 hours of overtime would be entitled to 3 hours off. A county appointing authority may adopt a different policy for the calculation and payment of overtime, but the employer must give written notice of the alternative policy to each employee at least 10 days before the change is effective.
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The following are exempt from Ohio's overtime law:
• Individuals who are exempt from the federal minimum wage and overtime law
• Employees of organizations grossing less than $150,000 a year
• Federal employees
• Babysitters in the employer's home
• Live-in companions to the ill or elderly
• Newspaper carriers
• Outside sales personnel paid by commission
• Bona fide executive, administrative, and professional workers as defined by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act
• Agricultural workers
• Members of the employer's immediate family
• Police and fire personnel
• Students working part-time or on a seasonal basis for a city or town
• Workers at children's nonprofit camps or recreation areas
• Individuals employed directly by the house of representatives or the senate
• Volunteers at a hospital or healthcare institution who ...

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