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District of Columbia Paychecks: What you need to know

“Wages” include all amounts due for labor or service performed by an employee, for which the employee has a reasonable expectation of payment. Wages may be fixed or determined by time, job, piecework, commission, or any other method (DC Code Sec. 32-1301).
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All employers (except the federal government, the District itself, and employers covered by the Railway Labor Act) must pay wages at least twice during each calendar month on regular paydays designated in advance (DC Code Sec. 32-1302). Up to 10 working days may elapse between the end of the pay period and the regular payday. Exempt administrative, executive, and professional employees may be paid once per month.
If there is a bona fide dispute about the amount of wages due, the employer must give the employee written notice of the amount it concedes is due and pay that amount. The employee's acceptance of that amount is not a release of the balance of the claim.
Wages may be paid in cash or check or by direct deposit into the employee's bank or other financial institution, with the employee's written authorization (DC Code Sec. 32-1302).
An employer may make deductions from wages only if required or permitted by law. Other deductions are allowed, if authorized in writing by the employee, except that no deductions are allowed for the cost or cleaning of required uniforms (DC Wage-Hour Rules Ch. 9).
Discharged employees must be paid all wages due no later than the next working day after the discharge (DC Code Sec. 32-1303). If the employee handles money, the employer has 4 days from the date of discharge, however, to determine the accuracy of the employee's accounts and may pay the employee at ...

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