Maryland Paychecks laws & HR compliance analysis

Maryland Paychecks: What you need to know

"Employer" includes any person who employs an individual in the state.
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Wages include all compensation due an employee for employment. Wages include a bonus, a commission, a fringe benefit, overtime wages, or any other remuneration promised for service (MD Code Lab. and Empl. Sec. 3-501).
Frequency. Employers must establish semimonthly or biweekly pay periods for most employees (MD Code Lab. and Empl. Sec. 3-502). Professional, administrative, and executive employees may be paid less frequently. If the regular payday of an employee is a nonworkday, an employer must pay the employee on the preceding workday (MD Code Lab. and Empl. Sec. 3-502 (b)).
Note: The statute does not define nonworkday and it is unclear if it pertains to paydays that fall on holidays.
Wages must be paid in cash or by a check that may be cashed, without discount, at a bank or other financial institution that is readily available to the employee (MD Code Lab. and Empl. Sec. 3-502).
Direct deposit. Employers may deposit employees' wages directly into a bank or other financial institution as authorized by the employee. Private employers cannot adopt a policy requiring employees to receive their pay via direct deposit. State employers may adopt a policy where direct deposit is the standard method of payment provided that employees receive notice of their right to request an exemption.
No deductions may be made from wages, except deductions that are required by law, ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction, and deductions that are authorized in writing by the employee (MD Code Lab. and Empl. Sec. 3-503).
Employee notification ...

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