Minnesota Paychecks laws & HR compliance analysis

Minnesota Paychecks: What you need to know

Employers generally must pay wages, including salary, earnings, and gratuities, due to employees at least once every 31 days and all commissions earned by an employee at least once every 3 months on a regular payday designated in advance (MN Stat. Sec. 181.101), with the following exceptions:
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• Public service corporations must pay their employees at least semimonthly (MN Stat. Sec. 181.08).
• Employees working on roads and sewers or similar jobs that require them to change their place of residence must be paid at least every 15 days (MN Stat. Sec. 181.10).
• Volunteer firefighters, first responders, or volunteer ambulance drivers or attendants must be paid at least once every 31 days, unless the employer and the employee mutually agree upon payment at longer intervals (MN Stat. Sec. 181.101).
• Migrant workers must be paid at least once every 2 weeks (MN Stat. Sec. 181.87).
Unless paid earlier, the wages earned during the first half of the first 31-day pay period become due on the first regular payday following the first day of work. If wages or commissions earned are not paid, the commissioner of Labor and industry or the commissioner's representative may serve a demand for payment on behalf of an employee. If payment of wages is not made within 10 days of service of the demand, the commissioner may charge and collect the wages earned at the employee's rate or rates of pay or at the rate or rates required by law, including any applicable statute, regulation, rule, ordinance, government resolution or policy, contract, or other legal authority, whichever rate of pay is greater, and a penalty in the amount of the employee's average daily earnings at the same rate or rates for each day beyond the 10-day limit ...

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