Oregon Paychecks laws & HR compliance analysis

Oregon Paychecks: What you need to know

Wages include all amounts due for labor or service performed by an employee for an employer for which the employee has a reasonable expectation of payment. Wages may be fixed or determined by time, job, piecework, commission, or any other method. The Oregon laws on paychecks are found at OR Rev. Stat. Sec. 652.210et seq.,Sec. 652.110et seq.,Sec. 653.045, and Sec. 98.302 et seq.
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Employers must establish and maintain regular paydays and pay all employees all wages due and owing them on that day.
Allowable time lag. The payday may not extend beyond a period of 35 days from the time the employees began work. Paydays may not be more than 35 days apart.
Exceptions. The employer may establish paydays at more frequent intervals. The employer and the employee may agree, in writing, to pay wages at a future date.
Wages may be paid by cash or by negotiable instruments that can be exchanged for cash, without discount, on demand, at a bank or other established place of business. Alternatively, the employer may pay wages by means of negotiable instruments that are payable at some future date with interest.
Direct deposit. Employers may implement direct deposit payroll systems without employees' consent. Employees may opt out of direct deposit systems and require their wages to be distributed by check. Employees may not be charged for the employer's use of direct deposit. Different rules exist for seasonal farmworkers and certain employees processing agricultural crops.
The direct deposit method of paying wages does not change the strict deadlines for paying an employee’s final wages upon termination. However, the final paycheck may be paid by direct deposit, “provided the ...

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