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Rhode Island Paychecks: What you need to know

“Wages” include all amounts due for labor or service performed by an employee for which the employee has a reasonable expectation of payment. Wages may be fixed or determined by time, job, piecework, commission, or any other method (RI Gen. Laws Sec. 28-14-1).
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Weekly payment of wages. Generally, private employers, except religious, literary, and charitable corporations, must pay wages weekly. (Note the exception below of biweekly or bimonthly payment of wages.) All employers must establish regular paydays, which must be no later than 9 days after the end of the payroll period (RI Gen. Laws Sec. 28-14-2). If the 9th day is a holiday, wages may be paid on the next business day. Employees must be notified at least 3 paydays in advance of any changes in payday. Employees who are absent on payday must be paid on demand.
Biweekly or bimonthly payment of wages. Private employers may pay their employees on a biweekly or bimonthly basis if they meet three specific criteria. Employers may submit a request in writing to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (RIDLT) to pay their employees on a biweekly or bimonthly basis. If the RIDLT finds there is a good and sufficient reason, the request will be allowed.
An employer whose average payroll exceeds 200 percent of the state minimum wage will have to show that:
• The employer pays wages on a predesignated day at least twice per month;
• The employer gives proof of a surety bond or other sufficient demonstration of security that equals the highest biweekly payroll in the previous year; and
• The employer provides the written consent of unions whose members would be affected by the pay date change.
Employers whose payroll is less than 200 ...

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