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Colorado Rest Periods: What you need to know

Federal wage and hour law does not mandate that employees be given either paid or unpaid rest or meal periods. Whether breaks are required is left up to the states. U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division regulations specify that work breaks, including meal periods, rest periods, and sleeping time, when provided, must be counted as work time subject to federal minimum wage and overtime requirements (29 CFR 785.18 through 785.23).
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The Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards (COMPS) Order governs wage rights and responsibilities, including meal and rest breaks. Under the COMPS Order, employers in all private sector industries are covered unless they’re specifically exempted.
Employees covered by COMPS are entitled to a paid 10-minute rest period as near as practicable to the middle of each work period of 4 hours or a major fraction thereof. For each 4 hours of work, employers must authorize and permit compensated 10-minute rest periods:
• For 2 or fewer work hours, 0 rest periods are required.
• For over 2 work hours up to 6, 1 rest period is required.
• For over 6 work hours up to 10, 2 rest periods are required.
• For over 10 work hours up to 14, 3 rest periods are required.
• For over 14 work hours up to 18, 4 rest periods are required.
• For over 18 work hours up to 22, 5 rest periods are required.
• For over 22 work hours, 6 rest periods are required.
Rest periods must not include work, but leaving the premises is not necessary. If an employee is not authorized and permitted a required rest period, then extra work has been performed, requiring additional pay for that time.
Rest periods must be 10 minutes every 4 hours, except in either of these situations:
• If an ...

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