North Carolina Affirmative Action laws & HR compliance analysis

North Carolina Affirmative Action: What you need to know

The State of North Carolina has no specific affirmative action provisions covering private employers. Affirmative action laws require an employer to make proactive efforts to represent individuals from certain protected classes in the workplace at levels comparable to those for unprotected groups. Affirmative action requirements are separate and distinct from nondiscrimination laws, which prohibit discriminatory acts against protected persons, but do not mandate proactive steps in their favor. There are more details about affirmative action.
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The North Carolina Equal Employment Practices Act prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of sex, race, disability, ethnic origin, age, religion, sickle-cell trait or hemoglobin C trait, genetic test results, lawful use of lawful products during nonworking hours, against those who served in the national guard or military, or filing a complaint protesting any activity protected under the antidiscrimination laws (NC Gen. Stat. Sec. 75B-2; Sec. 95-151;Sec. 95-28.1 et seq.; Sec. 127A-202.1; Sec. 127B-11et seq.; Sec. 143-422.2; Sec. 168A-1et seq.; Sec. 95-241et seq.).
Employer coverage. Employer coverage varies depending on the statute and the number of employees involved:
· Private employers of 15 or more employees are covered in instances of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or disability (NC Gen. Stat. Sec. 143-422.2, Sec. 143-168A-1). All public employers are covered (NC Gen. Stat. Sec. 168A-7).
· Employers of one or more employees and all state and political subdivisions are covered where discrimination on the basis of ...

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