Georgia Discrimination laws & HR compliance analysis

Georgia Discrimination: What you need to know

Public employers. The Georgia Fair Employment Practices Act (GA Code Sec. 45-19-20 et seq.) prohibits discrimination in public employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or age. The law applies to public employers with 15 or more employees and is enforced by the state Commission on Equal Opportunity. Decisions of the Commission can be appealed to the state court system.
Proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Under an Executive Order signed by the governor, no state agency, provider of state services, or state property may implement a Vaccine Passport Program or otherwise require an individual to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment (E.O. No state or agency employee may be given employment-related privileges, accommodations, or circumstances of employment or otherwise be subject to different rules or requirements than other employees based solely on the COVID-19 vaccination status of the employee if actual proof of vaccination status is required in order to qualify for the preferential treatment. The Executive Order defines “Vaccine Passport Program” as “any program that would determine the COVID-19 vaccination status of any individual in order to permit or prohibit such individual access to services, property, employment, or other rights or privileges based on such status, would restrict individual liberty and for Georgians into disclosing private medical information.”
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Georgia does not have a comprehensive antidiscrimination law. However, the following laws address various specific discrimination issues.
Proof of COVID-19 vaccination. An Executive Order issued by the governor prohibits the use of data from the ...

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