Diversity laws & HR compliance analysis

Diversity: What you need to know

Workforce diversity extends beyond affirmative action and protected classifications like gender, race, age, religion, national origin, and disability. It is not based solely on changing the representation of various groups in the workplace. Rather, workforce diversity focuses on recognizing uniqueness in every individual, valuing each person's contributions, and creating an inclusive environment where awareness of and respect for individual differences are promoted and encouraged. Diversity includes life experiences, language, skills, talents, education, thought processes, and personal styles—in essence, the entire package of personal attributes that each employee contributes to the workplace.
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Companies with a diverse workforce are better positioned to attract the best talent and maintain a competitive edge. A company that has (and fully utilizes) employees who have varied backgrounds and personalities is better equipped to serve a wide range of customers than one where most of the employees are alike or only certain types of employees have input.
Internals. Internally, diversity drives creativity, which helps employers come up with new and better products and processes. A workforce that includes employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives will have a broader range of ideas, experiences, and insights to draw on when tackling issues like product creation, business planning, decision making, and development. Furthermore, a diverse group is more likely to question and challenge past practices, leading to improved products and services.
Another internal benefit of a diverse workplace is an improved employee relationship from start to finish. A diverse workplace issues an ...

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