Kansas Maternity and Pregnancy laws & HR compliance analysis

Kansas Maternity and Pregnancy: What you need to know

A written or unwritten employment policy or practice that excludes applicants or employees because of pregnancy is prima facie discrimination. (KS Admin. Reg. Sec. 21-32-6).
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Employers can provide leave for employees with temporary disabilities, including pregnancy disability, with or without pay, or not provide it at all, as long as all employees are treated the same in their requests for temporary disability leave.
Specifically, the Kansas Human Rights Commission’s guidelines provide that disabilities caused or contributed to by pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth and recovery therefrom are, for all job related purposes, temporary disabilities and should be treated as such under any health or temporary disability insurance or sick leave plan available in connection with employment. (KS Admin. Reg. Sec. 21-32-6).
Written or unwritten employment policies and practices involving matters such as the commencement and duration of leave, the availability of extensions, the accrual of seniority and other benefits and privileges, reinstatement, and payment under any health or temporary disability insurance or sick leave plan, formal or informal, must be applied to disability due to pregnancy or childbirth on the same terms and conditions as they are applied to other temporary disabilities.
Childbearing must be considered by the employer to be a justification for a leave of absence for female employees for a reasonable period of time. Following childbearing, and upon signifying her intent to return within a reasonable time, such female employee shall be reinstated to her original job or to a position of like status and pay without loss of service, ...

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