Wisconsin National Origin Discrimination laws & HR compliance analysis

Wisconsin National Origin Discrimination: What you need to know

The Wisconsin Fair Employment Act prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants or employees on the basis of national origin and ancestry (WI Stat. Sec. 111.31 et seq.). National origin generally refers to a person's country of origin, birth, or naturalization. According to information published by the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division, national origin also refers to the physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics of a national origin group. Ancestry generally refers to the country, nation, tribe, or other identifiable group from which one descends.
The Act applies to all employers in the state, both public and private, regardless of the number of employees.
Retaliation prohibited. The Act prohibits employers from discharging or otherwise discriminating against an individual who has opposed a discriminatory employment practice, made a complaint, or testified or assisted in any proceeding under the Act (WI Stat. Sec. 111.32(3)).
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The Wisconsin State Employees' Antidiscrimination Law also prohibits discrimination because of national origin and ancestry in state employment (WI Stat. Sec. 230.18). All state contractors and subcontractors are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of national origin, and a nondiscrimination clause must appear in all state contracts (WI Stat. Sec. 16.765).
All apprenticeship programs registered with the state are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of national origin. Program sponsors must agree to take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in their apprenticeship programs (WI Admin. Code Sec. 296.01 et seq.).
Citizenship requirements that are made a condition of ...

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