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Bulletin Boards: What you need to know

Bulletin boards serve as the most basic means of communicating with employees, and a well-maintained company bulletin board can be an effective method for management to communicate new policies and procedures to employees. Additionally, bulletin board postings may serve as valuable evidence in the event of an agency audit, a lawsuit, or a grievance.
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The federal government and most states require that certain official notices be posted conspicuously in the workplace. Union contracts often require that bulletin board space be provided for use by the union. Therefore, employers should have a written, well-communicated policy regarding bulletin boards.
Size. The optimum size for a company bulletin board is 4 feet by 8 feet, although size may be dependent on available wall space. This size allows room for posters and notices without crowding
Construction. The bulletin board should have a lockable sliding glass or plastic door to ensure that postings are not damaged, altered, or removed. There should be adequate lighting for the board.
Location. Company bulletin boards should be placed where employees are most likely to read their contents. Government agencies often require that the posters be placed where they can be seen by all employees and will conduct inspections to determine if posters are in accessible and conspicuous locations. Employee entrances, main entrances or reception areas, breakrooms, and cafeterias are good locations. Do not place bulletin boards in hallways where employees may not stop to read them.
Electronic bulletin boards. Having “bulletin boards” on the company intranet or an electronic bulletin board system does not replace all physical bulletin boards and postings, ...

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