Arizona Commuting laws & HR compliance analysis

Arizona Commuting: What you need to know

Arizona has laws in both the public and private sectors designed to reduce employee commuting miles by promoting ridesharing and use of public transit through financial incentives. Major employers, both public and private, are governed by these statutes.
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The state encourages employers that are not covered to participate in these actions voluntarily (AZ Rev. Stat. Sec. 49-582et seq., AZ Rev. Stat. Sec. 41-786; AZ Admin. Code R. Sec. 2-1-801 through R. Sec. 2-1-804).
Penalties for violations. Employers that fail to submit an approved travel reduction plan, appoint a transportation coordinator, disseminate information to employees on alternate modes of commuting, or meet reduction goals are subject to fines and legal action (AZ Rev. Stat. Sec. 49-593).
State employees The state Department of Administration's Office of Travel Reduction Programs offers alternative modes of transportation program in Maricopa County. Its Capitol Rideshare program offers vanpool matching services and mass transit pass subsidies, as well as park-and-ride permits for state employees who are alternate mode users at least 3 days per week. There is also a free online ride-matching service and free emergency rides home. Go to or call 602-542-7433 for more information.
Employees of state universities are not eligible for this program, however, the University of Arizona runs its own vanpool program.
Trip reduction plans. Employers in Maricopa County (greater Phoenix) with 50 or more employees must file trip reduction plans. Many employers offer rideshare incentives or subsidized mass transit passes in order to discourage single-occupancy commuting.
Covered employers must provide ...

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