Idaho Commuting laws & HR compliance analysis

Idaho Commuting: What you need to know

Idaho encourages ridesharing as a conservation measure and has enacted a number of laws that provide incentives to encourage ridesharing among employees.
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There is additional information and a comprehensive discussion of ridesharing and commuting in general.
Idaho law defines a “ridesharing” arrangement as the nonprofit transportation of people between their residences (or a nearby meeting place) and their places of employment, in a single daily round trip. The driver must also be on his or her way to work. Ridesharing must take place in a passenger motor vehicle with a seating capacity not exceeding 15 people, including the driver, that is not otherwise used for commercial purposes or as a public conveyance. The driver, owner, or lessee may be compensated for operating and maintaining the vehicle. (ID Code Sec. 49-119).
Ridesharing is exempted from a number of state laws that regulate motor vehicles Sec. 49-2431et seq.). No household may operate more than one vehicle of 7 to 15 persons in a ridesharing (vanpool) arrangement at one time for the following exemptions to apply:
• Regulation of motor carriers
• Insurance regulation that apply specifically to motor carriers and commercial vehicles
• Laws imposing a greater standard of care on motor carriers or commercial vehicles than that imposed on other ...

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