Kentucky Commuting laws & HR compliance analysis

Kentucky Commuting: What you need to know

While Kentucky has no law or state program attempting to reduce employee commuting miles, the Commonwealth Department of Transportation does encourage employers to promote ridesharing via carpools and vanpools and provide commuting alternatives for employees such as “slugging” (instant carpooling). For information, go to or call 502-564-7183.
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Ridesharing agreements. To qualify as a carpool or vanpool and not a common carrier, a ridesharing arrangement must involve the transport of at least two, but not more than 15, persons to or from their places of employment. A ridesharing arrangement with fewer than 15 passengers is not considered a common carrier, which means there are no special licensing regulations or restrictions.
Workers' compensation. As an additional incentive for employer involvement in ridesharing arrangements, the workers' compensation law does not cover injuries incurred by employees while they are participating, either as drivers or as passengers, in a voluntary carpool or vanpool. However, if the pool is operated by the employer, or if ridesharing is mandatory, workers' compensation applies.
The Transportation Cabinet Division of Office of Transportation Delivery’s CarpoolKY program, assists employees in finding a carpool or vanpool. Go to
Lexington area. Information on public transportation and other commuting in the Lexington area is available at and from the Mobility Coordination Office at, or call 859-233-7665 for more information.
Louisville area. The Ticket to Ride program offers employee transportation carpool and vanpool database matching and ...

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