Utah Commuting laws & HR compliance analysis

Utah Commuting: What you need to know

Utah's concern about highway use, gas consumption, and air pollution has led it to adopt an official policy to reduce the number of single-occupancy miles employees travel. To this end, the Utah Legislature has developed several incentives to assist employers that develop ridesharing programs (UT Code Sec. 72-12-102 et seq.). The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) facilitates many of these programs.
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A ridesharing arrangement consists of a carpool or vanpool.
Carpools. A carpool includes 6 or fewer persons who share a commute, in which the driving is incidental to another purpose of the driver (i.e., going to work).
Vanpools. A vanpool is a nonprofit arrangement that includes 7 to 15 people including the driver. Vanpools commute between home and work, in a vehicle owned or leased and operated by an individual who owns only one such vehicle, and whose driving is incidental to another purpose. A vanpool driver may not transport people as a business, and may accept compensation only to cover expenses directly related to the vanpool. Vanpools may be owned or leased by nonprofit employee organizations, employers, public agencies, or public transit districts. Fees may be charged only to recover maintenance, administration, and reasonable depreciation costs.
Riders may not exceed the occupancy design of the vehicle, that is, may not “double up” either in carpools or vanpools.
There is no federal or payroll tax (e.g., sSocial sSecurity, Medicare, etc.) charged on transit passes or vanpool benefits. In Utah, there are no state or local taxes as well. See http://www.utarideshare.com.
No Utah county or municipal corporation may tax a vehicle or require a special license for a ridesharing ...

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