West Virginia Commuting laws & HR compliance analysis

West Virginia Commuting: What you need to know

State law encourages employers to promote ridesharing and provide commuting alternatives for employees (WV Code Sec. 17C-22-1et seq.). West Virginia law defines “ridesharing” as transportation of persons that is incidental to another purpose of the driver and is not for profit, and includes carpools, vanpools, and buspools.
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The West Virginia Department of Commerce maintains a comprehensive ridesharing resource center at http://www.wvcommerce.orgwith carpooling tips and a commute calculator.
Due to high energy costs, the state continues its rideshare program for state employees. An interactive rideshare directory is available at http://www.wvcommerce.org.
Workers' compensation laws do not cover injuries occurring during a rideshare commute, unless the employer owns, leases, or contracts for the motor vehicle used in the arrangement.
An employer that merely provides ridesharing information, incentives, and encouragement will not be held liable for injuries resulting from an accident. However, if the employer provides the vehicle, there is a risk of legal liability.
A privately owned vehicle designed for normal passenger capacity of six occupants including the driver that is used for ridesharing arrangements must carry $100,000 in liability insurance arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance, or use of the vehicle; $20,000 in liability insurance for bodily injury or death of one person in one accident; $40,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons in one accident; and $10,000 for destruction of property of others in one accident (WV Code Sec. 17C-22.2).
A ridesharing motor vehicle with a ...

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