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Indiana Facilities: What you need to know

Workplace facilities are regulated principally by federal requirements (standards) established under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) that governs much of the design, operation, and maintenance of workplace facilities as these factors affect the safety of the workplace. Some standards are specific to particular industries or particular jobs, while others--such as the "right-to-know" laws providing for the communication of chemical hazards to employees--are applicable to all workplaces. The federal OSH Act is "preemptive," overriding all state laws and regulations in the areas that it covers. The federal scheme permits individual states to devise and administer their own laws and regulations, but only with federal approval and only if the state requirements are as rigorous as the corresponding federal standards.
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Indiana is a "state plan" state; it has its own, state-enforced occupational safety and health law, the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Act (IOSH Act) (IN Stat. Ann. Sec. 22-8-1.1 et. seq.), which has been approved by federal OSHA. The Indiana Department of Labor administers the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA). Its requirements are identical to those established by the federal government.
Indiana OSHA (IOSHA) safety and health inspectors are authorized to enforce the IOSH Act and may enter any workplace or construction site to inspect conditions, devices, and materials.
Guns in the workplace. Indiana employers may not require employees or applicants to disclose whether they own, possess, use, or transport firearms or ammunition unless the information concerns possession, use, or transportation of ...

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