Pennsylvania Facilities laws & HR compliance analysis

Pennsylvania Facilities: What you need to know

Private sector employers. Because Pennsylvania does not have an approved state program, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act governs private sector workplaces.
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Public sector workplaces. ThePennsylvania General Safety Law ( PA Admin. Code Tit. 35 Sec. 7101et seq.) requires that all establishments be constructed, equipped, arranged, operated, and conducted as to provide reasonable and adequate protection for the health and safety of all workers, and be adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated.
Specific occupations. There are numerous regulations regarding specific facilities protections in the Pennsylvania Code. Employers of seasonal farm laborers, railroad workers, foundry workers, and mill workers, to name a few, must provide drinking water, enclosed toilets, and changing rooms located in areas that are protected from dust.
Proper sanitation facilities, including toilets, sinks or other washing facilities, and changing rooms, should be provided in sufficient number for the people employed. Clean drinking water must be accessible.
Restrooms. Under the Restroom Equity Act of 1990,more water closets (toilets) shall be provided for women than for men with a minimum ratio of two toilets for women to each men's toilet, single-user urinal, or 20 inches of trough urinal for men. Temporary toilets may not be substituted in order to achieve the required ratio (PA Admin. Code Tit. 34 Sec. 50.81).
In toilet rooms, water closets, and urinal rooms, there must be a poster requesting employees to cooperate with the employer and with one another to keep the facilities clean. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry will supply the posters upon request.
The city of Philadelphia ...

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