Vermont Lie Detector Tests laws & HR compliance analysis

Vermont Lie Detector Tests: What you need to know

Vermont law prohibits most employers from requesting or requiring that an employee or an applicant submit to a polygraph examination or waive his or her rights under this law as a condition of employment. "Polygraph examination" means any procedure that involves the use of instrumentation or a mechanical device to enable or assist the detection of deception, the verification of the truthfulness, or the rendering of a diagnostic opinion regarding either of these, and includes a lie detector or similar test. Employers are also prohibited from administering, threatening to administer, or causing the administration of a polygraph examination to employees or applicants as a condition of employment.
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Employers may not refuse to hire, promote, or change the status of employment of an applicant because he or she refuses to take a polygraph examination.
Exceptions. The following employers may require that an applicant for employment take or submit to a polygraph examination, or administer or cause to be administered, a polygraph examination to an applicant for employment:
• The department of public safety, municipal police departments and county sheriffs, sworn police officers, and deputy sheriffs
• Employers whose primary business is the wholesale or retail sale of precious metals or gems and jewelry or items made from precious metals or gems
• Employers whose business includes the manufacture or the wholesale or retail sale of regulated drugs provided, however, that only employees who come in contact with such regulated drugs may be required to take a polygraph examination
• Employers authorized or required under federal law or regulations to administer polygraph examinations
When administering a polygraph in ...

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