New Hampshire Notices (Posting) laws & HR compliance analysis

New Hampshire Notices (Posting): What you need to know

New Hampshire requires that employers post a number of notices in the workplace informing employees of their rights and obligations under certain employment laws. The posters must be placed conspicuously, permanently, and in enough places to be easily seen by employees as they enter and exit the facility.
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Many of these posters are available online from the state Department of Labor at
Overview. Detailed discussion is provided below on selected, broadly applicable state employment poster and notice requirements.
Please note that additional poster and notice requirements and best practices may apply, particularly in industrial workplaces, healthcare and educational facilities, and other workplaces with unique or specific needs.
Child labor. Employers are required to post and make available to all employed minors the hours of work, time allowed for meals, and maximum hours a minor may work in one day in every room where minors are employed. Manufacturing and laundry employers with a special license for employment of minors must post the license conspicuously where minors are employed (NH Rev. Stat. Sec. 276-A:20, Sec. 276-A:22, Sec. 276-A:16 through Sec. 276-A:18).
Discrimination. Employers with six or more employees must post a summary of the New Hampshire Employment Discrimination Law (NH Rev. Stat. Sec. 354-A:23). This poster may be obtained by contacting the state Human Rights Commission at
Equal pay. Employers are required to post and make available to all employees the Equal Pay notice available from the state Department of Labor (DOL) (NH RSA 275:49). This notice is available here.
Independent contractor criteria. Employers must post information about the criteria for classifying a worker as either an employee or an independent contractor (NH Rev. Stat. Sec. 275:49). This poster is available from the state DOL.

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