New York Notices (Posting) laws & HR compliance analysis

New York Notices (Posting): What you need to know

Overview. Detailed discussion is provided below on selected, broadly applicable state employment poster and notice requirements.
Please note that additional poster and notice requirements and best practices may apply, particularly in industrial workplaces, healthcare and educational facilities, and other workplaces with unique or specific needs.
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Caution: The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) has issued an opinion letter stating that employers must post notices at all work locations when they have employees at numerous worksites. One posting at the employer's central location is insufficient.
The NYSDOL also stated that a poster informing employees of the location of a binder containing all workplace posters would not be acceptable. An earlier opinion letter rejected the electronic posting of workplace notices (NYS DOL Op. Letter No. RO-10-0118 (Feb. 3, 2011)).
Thus, employers must be sure to post all required notices at each location where employees work.
Employment laws in general. Employers must post abstracts of any provisions of laws, rules, and orders affecting employees. These may be requested from the NYSDOL.
Employers must also post or otherwise convey in writing to employees the employers' policies on sick leave, vacation, personal leave, holidays, and hours (NY Labor Law Sec. 201, Sec. 195(5)).
Blood donation leave. The NYSDOL has issued guidelines stating that employers must notify employees of their right to take blood donation leave.
The notification must be made so that employees will see it. Employers may provide the notice by posting it in a prominent place, placing it in employees' ...

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