Mississippi Privacy laws & HR compliance analysis

Mississippi Privacy: What you need to know

Mississippi recognizes all four invasion of privacy claims:
• Intrusion upon the solitude or seclusion of another;
• Appropriation of another's identity for an unpermitted use;
• Public disclosure of private facts; and
• Holding another to the public eye in a false light (Candebat v. N.J. Flanagan, 487 So. 2d 207 (Miss. 1986)).
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Identity theft. It is a crime in Mississippi to obtain or attempt to obtain the personal identity information of another person with the intent to unlawfully use that information, without consent, to:
• Obtain financial credit;
• Purchase or otherwise obtain or lease any real or personal property;
• Obtain employment;
• Obtain access to medical records or information contained in medical records; or
• Commit any illegal act (MS Code Sec. 97-45-19).
"Personal identity information" means an individual's Social Security number (SSN), driver's license or state identification number, employment information, or information regarding any financial account held by the individual (MS Code Sec. 97-45-1).
Computer fraud. It is also illegal to access or cause to be accessed any computer, computer system, or computer network with the intent to:
• Defraud;
• Obtain money, property, or services by false or fraudulent conduct or through the false or fraudulent alteration, deletion, or insertion of programs or data; or
• Insert, attach, or knowingly create the opportunity for an unknowing and unwanted insertion or attachment of a set of instructions into a computer or a computer program, network, or system that is intended to acquire, alter, damage, delete, disrupt, or destroy property or otherwise use the services of a computer or computer program, system, or network (MS Code Sec. 97-45-3).

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