Wyoming Privacy laws & HR compliance analysis

Wyoming Privacy: What you need to know

Common law. Wyoming recognizes a cause of action for invasion of privacy based on intrusion upon seclusion, and therefore it may recognize the other bases of the tort of privacy in the future (Howard v. Aspen Way Enters., Inc., 406 P.3d 1271 (2017).
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Wiretapping. Wyoming residents are entitled to privacy in their communications. It is generally unlawful to intercept any oral, wire, or electronic communication unless the person intercepting is a party to the communication or when one of the parties has given prior consent; however, certain exceptions apply (Wis. Stat. § 7-3-702(a)(i) et seq.).
Surveillance.It is unlawful to look in a clandestine or secretive way into areas in which the nonconsenting person has a reasonable expectation of privacy (Wy. Stat. § 6-4-304).
Tobacco. The Wyoming Fair Employment Practices Act also prohibits discrimination based on the use or nonuse of tobacco products outside the course of a worker's employment, unless it is a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) that a person not use tobacco outside the workplace (Wy. Stat. § 27-9-105).
Security breaches. In order to protect individual privacy and prevent identity theft, state law requires that any person or business that conducts business in Wyoming and that owns or licenses computerized data that include personal identifying information about a resident of the state disclose any breach of security of its data system following discovery or notification of the breach.
Specifically, the law requires covered entities to conduct a good-faith, reasonable, and prompt investigation to determine the likelihood that personal ...

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