New Mexico Records laws & HR compliance analysis

New Mexico Records: What you need to know

The information provided here highlights some of the more important recordkeeping requirements that apply to most employers in New Mexico, regardless of industry. There may be other state recordkeeping requirements that are specific to certain businesses or industries. In addition, there are many federal statutes that require employers to keep certain records related to employment. There is additional information on federal recordkeeping requirements.
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Covered employers. All employers with minor employees between the ages of 14 and 16 years of age (NM Stat. Sec. 50-6-1et seq.).
Required. Employers must keep a work permit on file for each minor employee. Work permits must be renewed after 1 year. Employers must also post in a conspicuous place a list of all children at the worksite with work permits.
To be retained. Employment certificates and work permits must be retained for the duration of the minor's employment with the company.
Covered employers. All employers are subject to the recordkeeping requirements.
Required. Every employer shall compile and maintain a material safety data sheet for each hazardous chemical normally used or stored in the workplace and maintain a list of hazardous chemicals as well. Employees are to have access to both (NM Stat. Sec. 50-9-5.1). The New Mexico Occupational Safety and Health Act requires both public and private employers to keep records and submit injury and illness reports to the Department of Labor. Employers with 10 or fewer employees are required only to report fatalities or multiple hospitalization accidents to maintain a log and annual summary. In addition, employers must maintain records ...

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