Workplace Communication laws & HR compliance analysis

Workplace Communication: What you need to know

In most instances when employees are asked what they like least about their jobs, they will cite a problem with communication. In fact, in many national employee attitude surveys, participating organizations across the board were rated lowest on questions related to communication, while at the same time employees who took the survey said communication was very important to them. Because communication is a very important factor in employee satisfaction and engagement, making sure the right information is communicated effectively is very important to human resources professionals and managers.
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First, it is important to understand what types of information employees feel they aren't getting. It might be that employees don't have a good understanding of what is expected of them or how they fit in the organization. In other cases, it might be that management does not provide employees with information about how the organization is doing or the direction in which it is heading. Employees might feel they aren't well compensated because they don't have any information on the value of benefits and their total compensation package. They might feel they are not being acknowledged for their hard work. Another problem area related to communication is how conflict is handled in the workplace, which requires a unique set of communication skills.
Communicating with employees occurs on an ongoing basis throughout the workday. However, there are some key things employers can do to improve communication from the time an applicant is offered a job to the time an employee leaves employment.
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